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Articles September - October 2023

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The CHORDFATHER Experience

Neumann's first Studio Monitor Experience Center in Mumbai.

Bandra Worli Sea Link

Neumann monitors complement the Dolby Atmos Music Mix Room 7.1.4 configuration setup at Chordfather Productions.

Recently Neumann in collaboration with well-known music composer, producer, sound engineer, and live engineer, Sunny M.R.'s Chordfather Productions announced the launch of its exclusive Studio Monitor Experience Center for audio professionals in Mumbai. India is one of the few countries worldwide to have a Neumann Monitor experience center. PALM+ AV-ICN met with Sunny at his Experience Centre to fathom the roots of this collaboration.

Born in the city of Patna, Sunny M.R. boasts over two decades experience in the music industry. He calls himself an accidental producer, he started his journey primarily as an engineer assisting his elder brother Shadaab Rayeen and moved to Hyderabad, where they worked for seven years. Sunny never had formal training in music but being surrounded by musicians piqued his interest, which led him to explore production and composition. "The learning should never stop. If I'm in one field, I'm just learning about that, but then I wanted to expand and explore. it's all about consistently learning as much as possible," says, Sunny.

The Sunny-Neumann Collaboration

Sunny opened his studio - Chordfather Productions, in a picturesque neighbourhood of Mumbai. The rise in demand and workload inspired Sunny to start his production studio, a space that offers an end-to-end solution to artists. The studio caters to service encompassing music composition, production, engineering, and recording. Elaborating on the idea and vision behind the whole concept of the experience centre, Sunny says "In 2007 we did a partnership with Sennheiser/Neumann India, and they had sent Klein + Hummel speakers for us to try. They had recently integrated Klein + Hummel into Sennheiser & Neumann, and the company were redoing some designs. I was blown away by these speakers, and that's when I decided that these speakers were the best option for my Studio. Neumann is huge in the audio business, and I have been using many Neumann microphones for a lot of my recordings. Neumann India was kind enough to partner with us on this experience centre. The partnership is aimed at building a community for artistes striving to get their musical work done. We give a huge amount of credit to the quality and finesse that Neumann gears add to the sound. The idea is to make more and more music in an environment, which is loved by artistes alike."

Sunny's earlier studio setup had Sonodyne speakers but now for the new space, he wanted something even better. "I wanted my work to reflect well for which I chose the KH 310 speakers. The KH 310 monitors are special for me; Neumann speakers have been my favourite for a long time, and now 13 years later, I have 13 of them!" he says.

Sunny was working out of his home studio in an individual flat in a residential complex with a 7.1 surround setup but was seriously contemplating an Atmos setup to enhance his workflow. "When I decided I want an Atmos setup, I also knew I needed a bigger space," says Sunny. In 2021 August, Sunny started building Chordfather Productions but before that in July, he reached out to Rishikesh from Neumann to plan and execute the speaker setup. Sunny and his wife designed the entire space and acoustic architecture layout after which they also reached out to Karan Grover of Dolby and his team for the 7.1.4 configuration. After the speaker setup was completed Bhasker Pal from Dolby came in to tune and calibrate the speakers.

The studio is a multiroom facility divided into three rooms. The primary room consists of Dolby Atmos Music Mix Room with a 7.1.4 circular configuration setup and two stereo rooms for music production, mixing and mastering for Bollywood films and Indie music artists. The mixing room is calibrated professionally for music production, monitoring, mixing, and mastering services. Chordfather Productions houses cutting-edge technology and an arsenal of various Analog gear. The Atmos Music monitoring setup has 11 KH 310 speakers and Dual KH 810 Subwoofers, driving the space. The studio boasts of Sunny's collection of synthesizers and hardware that he has collected over the years in his career. He is passionate about all his hardware equipment, especially the 808 Roland, which he proudly wears as a tattoo. "Getting a lot of hardware synths and hardware equipment made me realize and learn how to use software efficiently. Software plugins are easily accessible, but many don't respect them as much as the hardware counterpart. Only once you use the real hardware is when you realize that they are equally well made these days. I prefer to track using analog gear but mix completely in the box," says Sunny.

Sunny M.R.

Sunny M.R.


Being an Atmos setup, the placement of speakers and the dimension is calculated on paper with drawings, but Sunny faced a major challenge during the physical setup. "We had to fix the monitors at least four times. From theory to practical things differ a lot," says Sunny. "Technical detailing is time-consuming because we had to figure out routing in a way wherein, we can do our regular mixes, regular tracking, recording multiple instruments everything is interconnected. At first, it took a little while to configure and figure it out. I have four sound cards attached to one system and shuffling between those is a task."

Chordfather Productions houses a cutting-edge Atmos Music monitoring setup of 11 KH 310 speakers and Dual KH 810 Subwoofers.

Chordfather Productions houses a cutting-edge Atmos Music monitoring setup of 11 KH 310 speakers and Dual KH 810 Subwoofers

The Idea behind Chordfather

The six-month old studio's unique name Chordfather Production is derived from Sunny's love for the movie Godfather. With Chordfather, Sunny hasn't just created a studio but an experience center that creates an exuberant environment for music and artists and people who can come and listen to the quality and finesse that Neumann gears add to the sound. Chordfather Studio is open for the old as well as new and upcoming artists who can come together and form a beautiful community of like-minded music professionals and admirers alike.

Sunny's admiration for Neumann equipment has grown over the years and he is now in the process of enabling the third room at Chordfather with an Atmos setup comprising a setup of Neumann KH 120 speakers.

Chordfather Production's third room to be enabled with Neumann KH 120 Speakers

Chordfather Production's third room to be enabled with Neumann KH 120 Speakers

Music with Sunny

The pandemic opened a new avenue for artists to unleash their creativity and unveil their music. Even Sunny embarked on a series called Unsung Verses- a solo project that he produced, composed, wrote, and even sang himself. "The challenge was to make one song every 15 days. I released ten songs in six months," says Sunny.

Sunny's secret to creativity is to ensure that he takes short breaks during his project to avoid monotony and mental exhaustion. "I practice not sitting for more than two hours and ensure a 15-minute break minimum to unwind and then resume," says Sunny.

Sunny is currently working on Shalmali Kholgade's album 2X side B, an independent EP for Nikhita Gandhi, and on films like Laal Singh Chaddha Brahmastra. He is also touring with Arijit Singh as a show director, music producer and FOH engineer.

He also encourages people to listen to a lot of music without analyzing or criticizing it. He says it is essential to explore other music genres as well. "I have a different approach to listening to music, which is I keep my musician and technician side away. I listened to the song a couple of times, then dive into it if I like to explore what exactly is happening in the song," said Sunny.

"For musicians, upcoming or existing ones, I have to say that to keep on learning and unlearning because these are the most important aspects of being an artist. The minute you stop learning or experimenting or unlearning, you're not going to be able to do new things in general in life and musically," concludes Sunny.

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