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AV-ICN Expo Magazine shares a brief of latest installations from the world of pro AV in this recurring feature of AV installations. read more

Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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CTS-D, CTS-I; AV-ICN CAVS Instructor
1967 - 2020

Much-admired and acclaimed AV consultant, educator, speaker, trainer and AV-ICN CAVS instructor, Ranjit Singh, passed away on May 15, 2020 in Singapore leaving behind a huge void within the global AV industry.

Singh began his career as a service engineer at Philips Singapore, followed by a stint at Deca Audio Visual as technical manager, before he founded RST Technologies in 2004.

Coming from an Audio-Visual background, and through his deep pedigree in delivering prestige projects throughout Asia, he had an unsurpassed reputation in the market. Recognising the importance of technology in wellness, Singh expanded his areas of expertise into IT infrastructure, acoustics and user experience.

Abdul Waheed (second from left) and his team at EYTE technologies with Ranjit Singh at the AV-ICN expo 2019

He was a passionate technologist with an emphasis on quality and almost three decades of consulting experience in technology projects and programs.

Having delivered these projects for almost every industry sector throughout Asia, this wide range of experience provided him a unique insight into current, emerging and future technology trends for the enterprise.

Ranjit Singh flag bearer of Independence; Indeed AV-ICN CAVS flag-bearer too!

I respect the man, not for his knowledge of AV, such that the leading AV companies in the world sought his services, but I respect him for his sense of values. I respect him for his genuine feelings “to give back to society” in jumping spontaneously to my call to come to PALM and AV-ICN to participate in CAVS education. What I respect him for most is his sense of independence.

Ranjit Singh did not mortgage his masterly knowledge of AV nor his career and opportunity to become renowned on international platforms and his recognition to be a respected part of forums and conferences. He had self-esteem and was rightly cynical of anything he might gain from “being approved”. He had a perspective of his own worth and despite pressures he did what his ethos told him. Give back to society and support education in India - CAVS certification course in AV-ICN.

I’ve known him since 2011 and his large frame with a Singaporean accent, spiritual and mild manners. Never a raised voice, never abrasive, unconscious about his appearance. And he worked from 3.30 am to 10 pm daily. He was on a work video call when he collapsed. Mild mannered but extremely hard working. We owe gratitude to him for his brave decision and support to India’s AV platform. When I told him so he just nodded sideways and with a wave of his hand dismissed my expression of gratitude “I don’t depend on anything, when is the next CAVS?”

The next CAVS is dedicated to the memory of Ranjit Singh.
Anil Chopra

"Predictive analytic technologies will be able to process information from IoT devices, which help the industries to design better space in the future. We may also find some emerging market countries leap-frogging their peers by avoided 4G altogether."

Ranjit Singh

In his last role as Principal Consultant for Workspace Technology and Experience at PTS Consulting Singapore, he delivered Strategic Workspace projects ensuring a robust, future-proof technology infrastructure underpins the experience of the space.

Ranjit Singh was the first Asian to achieve the CTS-I certification and he believed in sharing his experience and knowledge to support the industry. Singh was very interested to give back to the community in India. He was highly motivated to teach and spread knowledge to the AV industry at large. His passion motivated him to share his experience with over 2,000 attendees attending his training courses in Asia.

Ranjit Singh was also the instructor at the Kramer tech class conducted at PALM expo 2011

 Ranjit Singh served as instructor for the AV-ICN CAVS training and spearheaded the three-day CAVS course at the AV-ICN expo 2019, which focused on AV in the Digital Era. His aim for the course was for the attendees to leave with an understanding on the technology and trends that are driving today’s meeting spaces. This three day session saw a full-house attendance with 40 industry professionals registering for the course.

In his RST Technologies offices in Singapore and India, he mentored and nurtured new talents in the AV industry.

Abdul Waheed, Managing Director at EYTE Technologies Pvt Ltd. who started his AV industry journey with Ranjit Singh’s RST Technologies pens a heartfelt, tribute.

“Mr. Ranjit Singh was deeply loved by Pro AV community in India and Abroad. It his huge loss and can’t be put into words. In addition to Industry, those of us who had the opportunity to work under him will also feel a tremendous loss. We have got an opportunity to work with him for 8 long years since the inception of RST in 2010.

Ranjit Singh handing out certificates to delegates after the completion of the three day AV-ICN CAVS training and test

Till few years back he was the only Asian to be CTS , CTSI and CTSD certified all together at once. With all his credentials he never boasted in front of others. He was always remained simple and humble and a strong believer of God.

 He was also a great teacher and mentor. He guided and trained many professionals in the Industry. He was extra ordinarily intelligent, great visionary man & very passionate about technology. His exceptional work ethic, and commitment will always be remembered. I feel this is a great personal loss to me as he was my mentor at every stage of my professional life.

I spoke to him the day before he passed away. When I was acknowledging his contribution in my career, he very gently said that his job as a mentor was to bring out hidden potential; if that worked it was because of the individual alone, but if it fails then it is his failure. He always used to tell me that no one is indispensable, and we need to be ready for this, I am feeling those lines with very strong impact now.

I will never be able to fill this irreparable loss. I feel lot of burden carrying his legacy. Good bye to a great mentor ever!”

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