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Articles September - October 2023


AV-ICN Expo Magazine shares a brief of latest installations from the world of pro AV in this recurring feature of AV installations. read more

Articles September - October 2023

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Articles September - October 2023

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Articles July-August 2023

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Install Story - Corporate Install

Qubix Lightens up Knowledge City, Hyderabad

Qubix installs VC-Dot Pixels on the main Facade and VDO Sceptrons on the building’s glazing structure

Knowledge City located in the hub of the corporate sector of Hyderabad, was installed with a comprehensive Architectural Lighting Design, that enhanced the ambiance of the property and the presentation of the external façade of the campus. Qubix Technology executed a state-of-the-art lighting setup with Martin Lighting solution provided by Harman.

When the Sattva group required a state-of-the-art lighting setup for its massive IT Tech Park in Hyderabad, it brought in Qubix Technologies to serve as a lighting systems integrator on this project.

Located in the hub of the corporate sector of Hyderabad, the Knowledge City IT Tech Park is a mammoth site comprising three different building zones. The Knowledge city is one of the biggest IGBC certified platinum-rated green buildings spread across 7 million sq. ft. and houses well-designed office space with easy access to luxury hotels, high-end residential apartments, banks, malls, and other places for recreation and leisure.

The Sattva team wanted to enhance the overall user experience in terms of the ambience of the property and the presentation of the external façade of the campus. The campus was to be occupied by leading Global giants and the client sought the best value proposition and Architectural Lighting Design. The group envisioned a Media Facade Lighting solution and reached out to Harman and Qubix to design and install a state-of-the-art lighting setup.

Rhythm Arora, CTO at Qubix Tech, commented, “From day one post our talks around the design with the client, we didn’t want to give them a standard RGB solution which anyone could do or that has been done before, but we made it a little more challenging by giving them a Video solution which might be little abstract and unique, So the whole design with Martin LED fixtures which could do much more than just RGBW, was incorporated into the building design”

“We had to do many mock-ups for the client as the lights we were proposing were small in size and we were making big performance claims. Mock-ups were done to demonstrate how the lights look from a height and all of us were pleasantly surprised that the 25MM profile which is on the perimeter of the building is visible from a very long distance and is exceeding the expectation of design intent.”

Qubix installs martin exterior wash 110 with Asymmetric diffuser on knowledge city’s canopy

As the project required installation post-construction of the building, the fixing mechanism had to undergo various customizations to fit the Buildings. Qubix designed and custom fabricated the mounting arrangement with specialized coloring that matched the existing metalwork used around the lights. Qubix also installed a modest Sound System using IP65 JBL Speakers pairing them with the large outdoor video wall in the Amphitheater within the premises.

The Media façade lighting Industry is relatively new in India. The availability of skilled labor with experience in installing multimedia fixtures on unusual heights is a tedious process. The most challenging aspect of the project was to install VC-Dot Pixels on the main Facade and the VDO Sceptrons – Linear Lights on the building glazing structure without puncturing it.

Qubix had to develop a specialized training program to train the people for this project with skilled acrobatic trainers and experts who frequently deal with similar occupational hazards.

Product Details:

Main façade:

  • Martin VDO Sceptron 1000mm
  • Martin VDO Sceptron 300mm
  • Martin VC Dot 9 with 29 dots/string
  • Martin VC Feeders
  • Martin Power port 1500
  • Martin P3 controller P3 50

Tensile fabric canopy:

  • Martin Exterior wash 110 with Asymmetric diffusers

Sound System

  • JBL IP65 rated speaker

To maintain safety and compliance on the site, a full-time qualified and certified safety engineer pro-actively managed all the activities. The company also undertook various insurance policies for the laborers and connected damages while dealing with the client’s assets.

“We cannot thank PMC Cushman and Wakefield enough and the client’s team at the site who were very supportive and at the same time kept us on our toes for safety and delivery. This led to successful completion of the project without any major safety incidents.” concludes Rhythm.

“Corporations around the globe desiring sophisticated yet easy-to-use communication and collaboration solutions rely on HARMAN. Salarpuria Knowledge City required a lighting solution that could highlight the architecture. We are proud that the Martin Lighting Solutions met the client’s expectations and have brought out the true grandeur of the building.” Commented Aditya Todi, Sr. Director, Sales & Marketing, Harman Professional Solutions, India & SAARC.

Qubix has done various quality installation projects across India, with a diverse team of technocrats and AV experts in the field.Qubix is an Audio, Visual and Lighting Technology service provider of audio-video, technologies and managed AV services to Corporate and Residential Customers. The company provides integrated solutions related to Audio Video conferencing, telepresence, Experience Centers, Facade lighting and AR/VR Systems.

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