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Articles September - October 2023


AV-ICN Expo Magazine shares a brief of latest installations from the world of pro AV in this recurring feature of AV installations. read more

Articles September - October 2023

PLAY Technologies Transforms AV Experiences at Aljamea New!

Sachin K. Jain, Principal Consultant, PLAY technologies, shares insights on the state-of-the-art facility as he recounts the installation experiences with AV-ICN Magazine. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Unwinding The Changing Dynamics of Sennheiser with Naveen Sridhara New!

During the latest 'TCC Medium' and 'TC Bar' launch, Naveen Sridhara, Director of Sales, Sennheiser, shared Sennheiser's big leap in the UC market and strategies to stimulate growth in the pro-AV segment. read more

Articles July-August 2023

PALM Expo 2023 Achieves Recognition from Global Brands New!

PALM Expo 2023 returned with its 21st edition, drawing exhibitors and at¬tendees from around the globe, simultaneously placing the Indian pro audio and lighting indus¬try on the map. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Pro AV Mass Market Momentum Emphasizes AV-ICN Expo Success New!

AV-ICN Expo 2023 took place at the BEC, Mumbai, once again marking its presence as the torchbearer for the AV industry in India. read more

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Bose Professionals unveiled its line of new audio products at ISE 2019. The list of new launch line included ArenaMatch Loudspeakers, 12 models of new easy-to-install DesignMax loudspeakers in a range of sizes (ceiling and surface models, black and white, with subwoofer options); five new cost-effective PowerSpace amplifiers (two with onboard DSP); two Commercial Sound Processors with a simplified configuration tool; three new digital ControlCenter controllers; and an upgraded online Business Music System Designer software tool to facilitate quicker and better system designs.

Bose Professional’s DesignMax loudspeakers are a wide range of loudspeakers which offer the flexibility and style to deliver outstanding audio and aesthetics for any commercial space. With ten loudspeakers and two subwoofers to choose from — including ceiling-mounted, surface-mounted, and outdoor-rated options — it’s easy to create tailored DesignMax systems for any application, large or small. DesignMax loudspeakers range from 2-inch low-profile models to 8-inch high-SPL compression-driver loudspeakers. All models deliver instantly-impressive sound, with no EQ or DSP required. Enabling Bose EQ voicings on select Bose digital sound processors and smart amplifiers which provides even better sound. SmartBass processing can also be enabled to deliver enhanced sound at any listening level. Elegant form factor surface enclosures, sleek, minimum-bezel grilles, removable logos, and attractive styling allow DesignMax loudspeakers to blend with any décor. For installers, unique QuickHold mounting mechanisms on each DesignMax loudspeaker make the installation job easier, reduce strain, hassle and save substantial time in the field.

PowerSpace amplifiers, introduced by Bose, is a new line of five power amplifiers offering the right power levels and DSP options for premium commercial applications. The line includes three models with Bose AmpLink connectivity and two models featuring an integrated DSP. Ideal for zone-expansion applications, the P21000A, P2600A, and P4300A models (2 x 1000, 2 x 604, and 2 x 300 watts respectively) enhance any commercial installation with clean, reliable power and digital connectivity. A Bose AmpLink input allows for multiple channels of uncompressed, low-latency digital audio from Bose digital sound processors via a single Cat 5 cable. Versatile outputs give you the flexibility to deliver full channel power to either low- or high-impedance loads — without bridging — and even send double power to a single zone. Additionally, the P4300+ and P4150+ models (4 x 300 and 4 x 150 watts) combine power and built-in DSP into a space-saving 1RU design for quick-turn installations.

Commercial sound processors CSP-1248 and CSP-428 by Bose are part of a comprehensive platform that includes loudspeakers, controls, and software that help installers deliver premium sound systems efficiently – without extensive DSP training. These debut models in the new Bose commercial sound processor product line are designed to serve as standalone DSPs in applications such as retail stores and restaurants, or any public place where modest processing and high-quality sound are desired. An onboard CSP configuration utility and intuitive browser-based UI provide a quick-setup workflow. Once installed, Bose-proprietary algorithms offer predictable performance, making Bose CSPs the convenient solution for end users. SmartBass processing expands performance and response at any listening level and Opti-voice paging provides a smooth transition between music and page signals.

Bose released the Bose Array Tool, a new software application to help make sound system design smarter for AV professionals. The software features an intuitive workflow that requires minimal training. The Bose Array Tool brings variables — such as room size, budget constraints, loudspeaker model and placement — under control. Using a direct-field calculation engine, system designers can quickly try out different loudspeaker models, placements, and formations to best match the audio needs of a venue. The software provides intuitive drawing tools to manipulate room surfaces and loudspeakers dynamically and allows for visualizing the speakers’ coverage effect in near real time. Ordering lists, rigging, and array information can be easily exported to make the virtual design a reality.

ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers by Bose is built for zone-fill coverage or high-SPL foreground music. Four new Bose ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers feature similar tonal balance to ArenaMatch array modules but in compact designs. They have the same EMB2S compression driver as ArenaMatch arrays and the same IP55 weather rating. Perfect for zone-fill coverage in sports stadiums, arenas, outdoor entertainment centers, and more. It can also be used to provide intelligible, high-level sound in any outdoor area — from niche venues such as breweries and fairgrounds to larger settings like resorts and outdoor shopping centers. Constant-directivity high-frequency horn, which can be rotated for horizontal or vertical installation. ArenaMatch Utility modules can perform in the most demanding applications with the largest model (AMU208) featuring 70 Hz – 16 kHz frequency response and 126 dB maximum peak SPL, with all models supporting the lowest vocal range.

With an open-architecture design Bose Professional expanded its ControlSpace EX range with two new processors optimized for conferencing rooms (EX-440C and EX-12AEC) and a high-powered general-purpose digital signal processor (EX-1280). Its designer software simplifies the setup process for all three processors with intuitive drag-and-drop programming and conference-specific software tools that help reduce installation time and on-site errors. The ControlSpace EX-440C conferencing signal processor facilitates high-quality microphone integration and audio processing for small-to-medium standalone meeting rooms. Various inputs and outputs allow for flexible configuration: four mic/line analog inputs, four analog outputs, onboard VoIP and PSTN, USB, Bose AmpLink output, eight-channel acoustic echo cancelling (AEC), and 16 x 16 Dante connectivity. The ControlSpace EX-12AEC conferencing signal processor possesses twelve acoustic echo cancellers (AEC), 16 x 16 Dante connectivity, and flexible signal processing, the conferencing signal processor provides a robust expansion of control options and capabilities tailored for conference rooms using the ControlSpace EX-1280C processor – perfect for larger conference rooms, boardrooms and any space where Dante microphones are employed for conferencing. The ControlSpace EX-1280 digital signal processor has a single-rack-unit design, and a digital signal processor equipped for general-purpose audio processing applications. Twelve mic/line analog inputs, eight analog outputs, Bose AmpLink out, and 64 x 64 Dante connectivity allow for flexible configuration and high-quality sound system control. The EX-1280 digital signal processor is designed for performance venues, places of worship, hospitality and resorts, and other spaces requiring intensive processing and scalability.

Current Issue : September - October 2023


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