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Articles September - October 2023


AV-ICN Expo Magazine shares a brief of latest installations from the world of pro AV in this recurring feature of AV installations. read more

Articles September - October 2023

PLAY Technologies Transforms AV Experiences at Aljamea New!

Sachin K. Jain, Principal Consultant, PLAY technologies, shares insights on the state-of-the-art facility as he recounts the installation experiences with AV-ICN Magazine. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Unwinding The Changing Dynamics of Sennheiser with Naveen Sridhara New!

During the latest 'TCC Medium' and 'TC Bar' launch, Naveen Sridhara, Director of Sales, Sennheiser, shared Sennheiser's big leap in the UC market and strategies to stimulate growth in the pro-AV segment. read more

Articles July-August 2023

PALM Expo 2023 Achieves Recognition from Global Brands New!

PALM Expo 2023 returned with its 21st edition, drawing exhibitors and at¬tendees from around the globe, simultaneously placing the Indian pro audio and lighting indus¬try on the map. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Pro AV Mass Market Momentum Emphasizes AV-ICN Expo Success New!

AV-ICN Expo 2023 took place at the BEC, Mumbai, once again marking its presence as the torchbearer for the AV industry in India. read more

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BenQ Announces the CS Series Corporate Meeting Room Display

BenQ’s Cs signage display

BenQ expands its end-to-end corporate leadership with the new CS Series smart signage display. Available in 65", 75", and 86" models, the 4K UHD CS Series is designed to enable highly engaging meetings and presentations with a built-in, wireless screen-sharing solution; whiteboarding and collaboration tools; video conferencing integration; digital signage capabilities; and account and device management.

"There are many things in the meeting environment that can waste time, impede productivity, and cut into the bottom line," said Penny Su, business unit director, Google Jamboard & Enterprise Collaboration Solutions for BenQ America Corp. "The BenQ CS Series is the latest addition to our corporate display range that combines our expertise in signage, display, and collaboration technology. It's engineered to create efficient meeting experiences that are simple, engaging, and highly collaborative."

The CS Series features BenQ's renowned InstaShare 2 wireless presentation system. It allows up to four participants to share their screen, with four devices appearing on screen simultaneously for maximum information analysis and collaboration. With InstaShare 2, there's no need to switch back and forth between screens or pass an HDMI cable around the room. In addition, it supports Miracast and Airplay for flexible screen sharing. Users can share and play videos with no lag and annotate and control files from multiple devices. The included remote control is an intuitive presentation tool. It can be used as a clicker or a cursor, and it opens up a menu of options for annotation and recording. Leveraging BenQ's Account Management System (AMS), it allows users to make the most of meeting time with zero preparation. They can open and edit files from their chosen cloud services, including Google, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

More Ways to Collaborate The CS Series display does more than just present. It includes multiple built-in features made for effective coworking in order to maximize meeting time. The display is platform-agnostic, complementing any workflows that need to run specialized software during meetings. Via the Duo OS feature, users can simply access the software, such as AutoCAD or Photoshop, from the display's OPS slot or external device. The Duo Windows mode maximizes the screen real estate by splitting the screen into two windows, eliminating the need to switch between apps and software screens. Finally, teams can get hands-on brainstorming and finessing ideas using BenQ's EZ Write cloud-based whiteboard application. Using a unique QR code, anyone can join the whiteboard session, adding their notes and media on the screen and allowing them to import pertinent documents from cloud storage. In co-creation mode, everyone has an opportunity to provide input and feedback from their mobile device.

Launch Video Conferencing Sessions Like a Boss The CS Series display is compatible with any mainstream video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex. Designed for versatility, the CS pairs with BenQ's new, enterprise-grade DVY21 compact full HD huddle room webcam, DVY22 smart 4K camera for midsize meeting rooms, and DVY23 20X zoom PTZ camera for large conference rooms. The display also comes integrated with Meeting Room 365 to quickly and easily keep everyone up to date about upcoming meetings and room schedules.

IT and Tech Managers Rejoice In today's corporate environment, there are more systems and devices to manage than ever before. To streamline setup and user management, BenQ CS series has integrated solutions that are essential, including BenQ Device Management Solution (DMS), Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, McAfee cybersecurity system, Extron AV control system, TeamViewer remote control system, and VMware cloud system. Finally, supporting the increasing requirement for digital signage, BenQ's X-Sign and X-Sign Broadcast creation, scheduling, and publishing software allow the CS display to double as a digital signage system without purchasing separate digital signage displays, systems, and ongoing fee-based contracts.

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