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Articles September - October 2023


AV-ICN Expo Magazine shares a brief of latest installations from the world of pro AV in this recurring feature of AV installations. read more

Articles September - October 2023

PLAY Technologies Transforms AV Experiences at Aljamea New!

Sachin K. Jain, Principal Consultant, PLAY technologies, shares insights on the state-of-the-art facility as he recounts the installation experiences with AV-ICN Magazine. read more

Articles September - October 2023

Unwinding The Changing Dynamics of Sennheiser with Naveen Sridhara New!

During the latest 'TCC Medium' and 'TC Bar' launch, Naveen Sridhara, Director of Sales, Sennheiser, shared Sennheiser's big leap in the UC market and strategies to stimulate growth in the pro-AV segment. read more

Articles July-August 2023

PALM Expo 2023 Achieves Recognition from Global Brands New!

PALM Expo 2023 returned with its 21st edition, drawing exhibitors and at¬tendees from around the globe, simultaneously placing the Indian pro audio and lighting indus¬try on the map. read more

Articles July-August 2023

Pro AV Mass Market Momentum Emphasizes AV-ICN Expo Success New!

AV-ICN Expo 2023 took place at the BEC, Mumbai, once again marking its presence as the torchbearer for the AV industry in India. read more

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Biamp Starts 2021 with the Launch of a Host of New AV Products

Leading provider of professional AV equipment – Biamp, unveiled a host of new products for the audiovisual industry this month.  The six new launches included - The TesiraFORTE x series conference room processor, the new Devio SCX Series next-Generation Meeting Room Audio Hub, First All-In-One Direct-Field and Indirect Sound Masking Solution: The Cambridge Qt X Series, NPX Network Paging Stations, Premium Surface Mount Desono Loudspeaker Series and the VenuePolar EASE Focus Plugin Loudspeaker system design.

The TesiraFORTE x series conference room processor has deployment and audio quality in a compact unit, while the Devio SCX Series is the next-Generation Meeting Room Audio Hub featuring Biamp Launch Automatic Discovery and Tuning. Biamp’s NPX Network Paging Stations integrates seamlessly with Tesira and New Qt X Sound Masking Solutions and the Desono Loudspeaker Series find application in Indoor and Outdoor Music and Speech Reproduction. The VenuePolar EASE Focus Plugin to Automate Loudspeaker System Design for Achieve Uniform Coverage of Community IV6 Modular Vertical Arrays.

The new TesiraFORTÉ X series meeting room processor

The new TesiraFORTÉ X series meeting room processor designed to accommodate conferencing applications with customization. It combines signal processing with streamlined network connectivity and a uniquely small industrial design, simplifying meeting room deployments by providing all the connectivity and processing required in a single device.

Biamp's TesiraFORTÉ X Series comes in a small, attractive design, suited for modern UC-based or VoIP conferencing environments. Each unit is compact that can be installed anywhere and includes mounting hardware ideal for installation on a wall or behind a display. TesiraFORTÉ X Series supports both Dante™ and AVB out of the box, making integration with other AV components simple and flexible. The TesiraFORTÉ X Series includes a USB interface for audio connections to UC host devices, which support HID synchronization between Tesira and soft codec applications. 

Biamp Introduces Devio SCX Series Meeting Room Audio Hub

The Devio SCX Series of conference room signal processors. Biamp's one-touch automatic discovery and tuning feature, accessible at the press of a button. By automating the room tuning and commissioning process.

Setting up Devio SCX is extraordinarily simple, ensuring a positive experience for any user. Select and connect the equipment to suit the space, and then simply press the Biamp Launch button on the device.

Devio SCX includes five (four PoE+-powered) network ports to connect other Biamp devices, along with a USB port to connect to UC host platforms. It is also the first Devio product to feature VoIP, an important feature for larger meeting spaces. It allows technology managers full access to the status of their Biamp devices and includes important functions such as scheduling, firmware and system updates, and also features a RESTful API for integration with enterprise dashboarding systems. Installation time is also significantly improved thanks to Biamp's single-cable connectivity using just Cat 5 cabling.

Biamp Debuts Cambridge Qt X Series Sound Masking Solution

The Cambridge Qt X Series, sound masking solution offers complete direct and indirect field sound masking in one easy to manage system. The Qt X Series helps protect speech privacy, reduce noise distractions, and increase acoustic comfort. The new Qt X lineup also directly supports paging and background music with no additional components. Biamp’s new Cambridge Qt X Series is a complete, all-in-one sound masking solution that delivers the flexibility, reliability, and ease of installation that integrators desire.

Biamp Adds NPX Network Paging Stations

NPX Network Paging Stations, NPX paging stations can be used with Biamp Tesira™ processors and Cambridge™ sound management systems to add convenience paging to a wide variety of business audio applications. The NPX Network Paging Stations are PoE-powered, featuring 16 paging priority levels, default and customizable preambles, and push-button security access to authorized users only. It also allows for stored message playback for fast and convenient broadcasts. 

Biamp Introduces Premium Surface Mount Desono Loudspeaker Series

The Desono EX Series, a modern line of high-quality, high-performance surface mounts loudspeakers for high-fidelity music or speech reinforcement. Designed for indoor and outdoor use with time-saving installation features, the Desono EX Series includes 6.5-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch two-way coaxial loudspeakers as well as a 10-inch subwoofer. All full-range models include 70V/100V transformers and low-impedance inputs.

Biamp's Desono EX Series loudspeakers provides acoustic performance, uniform coverage, for a diverse range of distributed indoor and outdoor applications, including presentation spaces, restaurants, hotels, bars, multi-purpose spaces, and themed entertainment and sports facilities.

Biamp Introduces VenuePolar EASE Focus Plugin to Automate Loudspeaker System Design

VenuePolar is an exclusive EASE Focus plugin that automates loudspeaker system design for the Community IV6 Modular Vertical Array. The IV6 Modular Vertical Array is a scalable, flexible sound reinforcement system.. VenuePolar helps system designers quickly and easily determine the recommended cabinet quantity, model, frame angle, and splay angle for a venue layout and determine the PAO settings for each cabinet, reducing thousands of possible setting combinations to a single press of a button in the software. The plugin also includes a mechanical loads and safety factor calculator. With VenuePolar, users can promote speed, efficiency, and accuracy while ensuring better uniform coverage and confidence that the audio design will satisfy customer expectations.

Current Issue : September - October 2023


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