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AV Education and Training Program

As technology takes quantum leaps, disseminating information on new technology, quality standards and training becomes more important. AV-ICNx is committed to raising the standards in Indian AV integration, both by building the cadre of qualified technicians as well as in adopting high-quality product. The three-day expo will provide exhibitors at the show an opportunity to host training sessions on their products and solutions. The sessions will focus on new technology and trends or new product launches, with in-depth product education and sharing of latest techniques.


Certification: IPBaseT Technology Specialist
Speaker: Mr. Nataraju Upputuri & Mr. Amith C Pillai
Duration: 1 day
Date: 30th May, 2019


About the Certification

What is IPBaseT®?

The Ultimate Solution for 4K AV Distribution Over IP
Aurora’s IPBaseT® combines a variety of 4K IP technologies and features under one unified protocol using a simplified topology. Uncompressed video with zero-latency, visually lossless video with low latency, seamless switching, videowall and multiviewer modes, digital audio, USB 2.0, Ethernet, and control are just some of the core capabilities of IPBaseT®. Utilizing the bandwidth of a standard 1Gbps copper (VLX Series) or 10Gbps copper or Fiber (IPX Series), IPBaseT® supports large scalable audio/video matrixing, and it does so while replacing multiple technologies and products with a "single-box" distributed platform. The days of needing a separate AV switcher, control system, videowall processor, audio/DSP converter, and more are a thing of the past!

Training Overview:
This day-long course starts with an interactive session covering the basics of IP networking, followed by hands-on training exploring an AV-over-IP system. It includes the installation, configuration and management aspects of the system including encoders and decoders as well as the management platform, which drives configuration and content management.
IPBaseT training sessions will make AV Engineers learn what they need to know to leverage the standard for high performance AV network deployments in education, healthcare, enterprise, entertainment, hospitality, retail, houses of worship, government, military, industry and security.

Upon Completion: Upon completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand the basics of IP network communication
  2. Describe the OSI communication model
  3. Understand the TCP/IP suite of protocols
  4. Understand how to leverage IP networks for AV solutions
  5. Understand the capabilities of AV over IP
  6. Understand the IP network infrastructure requirements to deploy a system effectively
  7. Select the appropriate switch for deployment
  8. Install and configure an AV-over-IP system
  9. Interact with a management platform

Prerequisites: Before taking this course, we recommend that attendees have the following knowledge,

  • Basic knowledge of IP network devices, networking protocols and network topologies
  • Familiarity with audio and video signals, connectivity and digital media

Day 2

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Day 3

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